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The Suite

Store Management Suite (SMS) is a client-based software solution that provides regional and national retailers with seamless, integrated management of the point of sale, back office, corporate office, and all aspects of the retail enterprise. The suite contains modules that are typically outsourced, and ensures all necessary data is shared when, how, and with whom needs it. Instant connectivity, anywhere in the chain, on any connected device, is reality.


The Technology

The core of SMS is built upon basic fundamentals: provide an integrated system that allows retailers to run their business from the forecourt to host without the need for additional applications. That foundation is rooted in solid, proven industry standards designed to offer the protection you require and the flexibility you demand. Our architecture ensures undeniable reliability, a robust feature set, and speed. The system can also be personalized without changing source code, so customization has never been easier, nor more stable. Now you too can have a solid enterprise wide retail management system designed around your unique needs.


The Offer

Interaction with customers is changing with new mobile offerings, fresh food services, integrated loyalty requirements and new equipment needs. SMS is the premier platform providing the flexibility today’s retailers require to retain their current customers and capture new ones. As retailing evolves, managing the merger of brick-and-mortar with virtual outlets becomes essential. It is now about interconnecting all those points, linking your enterprise to your employees to your processes to your customers.

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